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Resident Companies

ozarks lyric opera

For the last 41 years, Ozarks Lyric Opera has been entertaining and educating the Ozarks through our commitment to bringing this life-changing art form to our community. We strive to Foster a greater understanding of, and appreciation for opera. Provide a wide range of repertoire to engage both existing and emerging audiences. Present opera in a variety of settings and make it accessible to as wide a segment of the community as possible. Look for collaborations that provide access, outreach, and education for people of all ages and cultural backgrounds in our diverse community.  

the milly project

The Milly Project is the true account of an enslaved woman in Springfield, Missouri who won her freedom through litigation PRIOR to the Supreme Court ruling on Dred Scoff. Through storytelling, spirituals, and historical accounts this theatrical troupe tells the story of Milly Sawyers and provides an insightful narrative that resonates across time. She was a slave. She was a woman. She won her freedom. The Milly Project does more than recount history. It continues a national narrative and inspires conversation across social boundaries. 


SATO48, participants say, is “The most challenging two days I experience all year long…that I still call FUN !” Springfield And The Ozarks 48-Hour Film Challenge (popularly known as SATO48) is proud to occupy that “space.” To those of you who do not vlog, attend openings of email attachments, listen to unsponsored podcasts, or know anything of the Ozarks in which you live, it is perhaps necessary to introduce SATO48 (much thanks Mr. Mankiewicz 🙂 where teams of filmmakers have just 48 hours to make a five-minute film — though they do not know what their movie must be about until it is revealed in the form of an Inspiration Package. Now in its 18th year, SATO48 is thrilled to embark on a new journey with The Gillioz where the talents of young — and young-at-heart — filmmaking teams can be relished on a screen of massive size near you !!


A 17-piece big band orchestra of pros & educators with a passion for the traditions of jazz.


In old Norse mythology, Odin the God of War had two black ravens; Huginn and Muninn, and they represented Thought and Memory (respectively).  And so we chose our foundations name to represent the transition from memories of trauma as they shift towards the focused thoughts of what the future still holds.

Our mission is to host world class level events that provide healing and success to assist DoD military service members and veterans who are wounded, injured, or ill.  In doing so, we afford them the opportunity to learn positive coping mechanisms that allow members to express themselves through the use of a variety of art as a way to convey and process their thoughts and emotions, when words escape them, or are not yet ready to be spoken.


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